Mila Kunis Goes Hipster Chic In New Candid Photos by Terry Richardson [PHOTOS]

March 8, 2012 10:31 am

Who is Terry Richarson? And why does it seem as if every A-Lister flocks to him to get their picture taken?

Fashion and celebrity photographer Terry Richardson is known for his high end work in the fashion world as well as his exclusive photos of Hollywood’s elite. The question isn’t “who has Terry shot?” it’s “who hasn’t Terry shot?”

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Richardson’s current work is on display at Los Angeles’ OHWOW Gallery through March 31st. The exhibit suitably titled “Terrywood” presents twenty-five of Richardson’s latest works and features images of famous locale, as seen through Richardson’s eyes.

Terry seems to be at every noteworthy Hollywood event and comes home with the best behind-the-scenes photos of his A-List friends. Photos from the Oscars, his gallery launch party and from his private home. The paparazzi look like chumps compared to this guy.

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Take a look through the gallery below at some of his latest snap shots of Hollywood A-listers.

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