SNEAK PEEK: Khloè Kardashian Questions Jamie Christopher’s Childhood Dream [VIDEO]

March 8, 2012 8:25 am

In the next episode of Khloè and Lamar, Lamar Odom’s close friend Jamie Christopher decides to take on a new career in acting. Khloè, always practical and blunt, isn’t shy about questioning Jamie on why he thinks he could be an actor.

After speaking with StarCam Radio, Lamar’s best man realized he’s ready to go for his childhood dream of becoming a Hollywood star, but, as Khloè points out, he’s never even taken a class.

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“Being from Queens around so many different nationalities, I can play so many different roles,” he claims before breaking into a decent Scarface impression. This boost of confidence came after Jennifer Tapiero of StarCam Radio said that he seemed very talented and asked: “Would you be interested in acting? You’re taking over Hollywood.”

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Jamie said that if there were a movie about his life, he’d call it “Jaimazing” because he’s amazing. We only wish Khloè had been there to hear that little tidbit! Watch the video below to see more of Jamie’s interview and see Khloè and Malika question his decision to act.


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