Will Ferrell’s Spanish Impressed ‘Casa de mi Padre’ Co-star Diego Luna [AUDIO]

March 13, 2012 9:41 am

Actor Diego Luna called in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” on Tuesday to talk about starring with Will Ferrell in his new movie “Casa de mi Padre.”

On Will Ferrell Playing A Mexican Guy:
“When I received the script, I talked to my agent and I said, ‘I probably need to fire you, you’re crazy. This is not happening.’ He’s [Will Ferrell] playing a Mexican, we play brothers. It’s very funny, very crazy, and like nothing you’ve seen before,” Diego says. “The whole film, all in Spanish.” To get an idea, check out the trailer below.

On Will Ferrell Speaking Spanish For The Movie:
“It was like 30 days before we started shooting, I met with him and the director and I thought they were crazy. Because he couldn’t say more than, ‘Hola, adios,’ and that was it. Then he arrived on set knowing every line and also understanding what he was saying, which was very impressive to me.”

On The Film Being Subtitled:
“I think that is the best part of the promotion that says, ‘The funniest film you will ever read.’ It is all subtitled. There are a few moments in English, but it’s not even 1% of the film. So, the whole film is in Spanish and it’s so funny that you have to watch.”

“Casa de mi Padre” opens in theaters everywhere on Friday, March 16th.


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