Harvey Levin On Nicollette Sheridan & Marc Cherry Feud [AUDIO]

March 14, 2012 7:01 am

Harvey Levin called in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” on Wednesday to talk about his latest venture, “TMZ Live” and gives his thoughts on the court trial between Nicollette Sheridan and Marc Cherry.

On Nicollette Sheridan And Marc Cherry Trial:
“Yesterday a witness testified, somebody on the construction crew, that they mistakenly sent him an email that was sent right after they decided to kill off Nicolette’s character and the email said, ‘Delete all references and all emails that have anything to do with Nicolette’s character getting killed off the show.’ That doesn’t look good for ABC, it smells like cover up.” So, that could be a big thing in her pocket.”

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On TMZ Live:
“We basically invite people in for an hour a day and they can kind of watch the way this happens. The way we break these stories, what’s behind them, What the debates are over the stories, and you kind of get to see the group of people here and what they do.”

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Harvey continues, “We want people to kind of feel like they’re part of the office and we have some cameras around the office, where we can pick up the people who are working, because everybody can hear what is going on. It’s real informal and that’s kind of the way that we want it.”

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