Watch Will Ferrell’s Hilarious Spanish Interview on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ [VIDEO]

March 14, 2012 2:19 pm

Jimmy Kimmel Live in Spanish?

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That’s right. Funny man Will Ferrell stopped by to chat with Jimmy Kimmel about his upcoming movie “Casa de Mi Padre” in one hilarious interview that is spoken entirely in Spanish, which Will Ferrel refers to as “the language of love.” You might be  wondering why Will Ferrell would act in a movie that’s in another language? His response: “If a silent movie [refferring to 'The Artist'] can win a Grammy, why not one that is made of Spanish?”

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Will made his grand entrance onto the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” set riding a plastic horse being pulled by two shirtless and out of shape dudes to set the tone for this over the top interview. We are surprised with both Jimmy and Will’s Spanish speaking abilities. Farrel comments about how he gained his mastery in spanish – by “watching 400 hours of ‘Dora the Explorer!‘”

View the laugh-out-loud interview below.”Casa de Mi Padre” hits theaters March 16.

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-Part 2-

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