Jennifer Lawrence Talks About First Kisses [VIDEO]

March 15, 2012 3:04 pm

Leading lady of “The Hunger Games,” Jennifer Lawrence spoke up about a few scenes in the upcoming highly-anticipated film.

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In an interview with MTV‘s Josh Horowitz, the starlet admitted she doesn’t share the aggressive trait that her character, Katniss, portrays in the cave scene. “First kisses are always awkward because it’s like we both know it’s going to happen but both of us are kind of, ‘Hmm,'” she said. During the interview, Horowitz even asked Lawrence about a few deleted scenes. “That breakdance fight between me and Josh; that didn’t make it,” she joked.

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Jennifer later talked about the tragic death of one of the characters in the film. “Rue‘s death, I mean, that’s just a horrible scene.” The actress continues by admitting to faking most of the tears to get through it all! “That’s the thing, I don’t have anything in my life that can instantly make me cry — knock on wood. So it’s the standard hold your eyes open and fake your way through it.”

Jennifer discussed her on-camera love interest Peeta, who is played by Oscar nominee Josh Hutcherson, by saying: “Josh has this amazing scene the night before the games, and he has this really great monologue.”

Grab your bow and arrow and meet “The Hunger Games” at the box office March 23rd!



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