‘The Wanted’ Reveal Next Single Will Be ‘Gold Forever’ & U.S. Album Cover [VIDEO]

March 15, 2012 2:26 pm

The Wanted has made numerous announcements leading up to the release of their first U.S. album. The band shared that their upcoming softer single “Gold Forever” will hit iTunes next week. Some of the lyrics croon: “We’re standing in a light that won’t fade / Tomorrow’s coming, but this won’t change / Because some days stay gold forever.”

The Wanted Perform ‘Glad You Came’ In Studio for Ryan Seacrest [VIDEO]

According to MTV, these hotties have been constantly promoting their music in America and have been unstoppable with their last platinum track, “Glad You Came.” “The power of music, really…” said band-mate Siva Kaneswara.

The band had no shame expressing themselves over Twitter (@TheWantedMusic). “We are SO OVERWHELMED right now … cannot tell you how amazing you guys make us feel. This is MENTAL #GladYouCamePlatinum.” and “U guys have shown so much love on #1YearGoldForever that we’re bringing it back!”

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“We’re always hopeful it will go as good as it started off to be… You never know how a new territory is going to react,” said Jay McGuiness. “You can’t control if people like you or not [and] all we can do is keep singing everyday…and try not to be boring!”

The band’s self-titled album, The Wanted, will be released April 24, 2012.



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