‘American Idol’ Reveals Which Finalists Will Go On The Summer Tour

March 16, 2012 7:01 am

Anxiety, tears and a whole lot of hugs marked the Thursday night episode of “American Idol.” Emotions ran high as the results for who would be going on the summer tour were announced.

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The show began in the name of fashion as Ryan Seacrest displayed JLo on the cover of Vogue magazine and Tommy Hilfiger revealed himself on screen as “Idol’s” new stylist for the contestants.

The show then steered towards the cutting board as the results from the nation’s votes were slowly announced. For every contestant, Jimmy Iovine made predictions about their fate from their last performances.

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Phillip Phillips, Skylar Laine, Elise Testone and Joshua Ledet were brought to the center of the stage first. Phillip’s stellar performance despite his kidney stone surgery was praised, as was Joshua’s performance. Skylar and Elise’s performances were also applauded, however Elise’s poor performance from the previous week led her to the hot seat.

Demi Lovato soothed the anxious audience by performing her new single “Give Your Heart A Break.” This was followed up by more results as DeAndre Brackensick, Colton Dixon, Shannon Magrane and Jessica Sanchez were called up. DeAndre’s choice of the wrong song was brought to attention while Jessica continued to wow the judges. It was decided by the nation that DeAndre, Jessica and Colton would be heading to tour while Shannon would be amongst the lowest vote-getters.

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To save the audience from their mixed emotions, Chris Daughtry took the stage to perform “Outta My Head” which the audience loved.

Heejun Han’s nervousness was obvious as he clasped his hands and shook his feet. Hollie Cavanagh’s powerful voice led her to be selected to tour but her outfit was criticized by Jimmy, who found it to be “old” looking. Erika Van Pelt’s raspy voice didn’t save her as she landed in the seat with the bottom three.

Steven Tyler, Randy Jackson and Jennifer Lopez all expressed their unhappiness with the bottom three contestants. Shortly after, Elise was picked to be safe. Out of the bottom two, Erika was selected to go on tour while Shannon was eliminated.

The night ended with Shannon performing a final song and an emotional goodbye from the eliminated contestant as she received hugs from the group of finalists.


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