Shannon Magrane Cried Tears of Gratitude & Relief After ‘Idol’ Elimination [AUDIO]

March 16, 2012 5:28 am

The Top 11 faced the music last night on “American Idol.” It’s the most brutal cut of the season, because those who survive become a part of the “Idol” family, getting to go on the “American Idol” summer tour and whoever goes home, misses that by an inch.

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Last night, that person was Shannon Magrane. A lot of emotion on the stage after the show went off the air. There were tears of gratitude, and tears of relief from some of the contestants, including Shannon as her parents joined her on the stage.

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Just moments after being eliminated, we had Shannon answer some fan questions sent in from Twitter. Check out the video below to hear her answers and tune in to FOX next week to see your Top 10 perform the songs of Billy Joel.


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