5 Reasons Why ‘The Hunger Games’ Is The New ‘Twilight’ [LIST]

March 19, 2012 8:45 am

The countdown is on! We are less than one week away from The Hunger Games” hitting theaters nationwide, and with the hype surrounding this sci-fi adventure dubbing it the new “Twilight,” we conjured five reasons why we agree “The Hunger Games” is indeed the new “Twilight.”

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5. “The Hunger Games” fans, aka The Tributes, are just as loyal as the Twi-hards with their fan page dedications and tattoos featuring lines from the book, including “Radiant as the sun.”

4. Both movies feature a forest environment. Apparently in these sci-fi worlds, hanging out in the woods is the thing to do.

3. “The Hunger Games” series will draw in huge (maybe even bigger) numbers at the box office just like the “Twilight Saga.” It’s already broken one “Twilight” record for most tickets bought in advance for a midnight showing.

2. Both movies were based off of books. “The Hunger Games” was written by a British writer (Suzanne Collins), very similar to “Twilight”‘s competitor “Harry Potter,” and now that “Harry Potter” is over, “The Hunger Games” is the new underdog in Tinsletown.

1. There’s only one leading lady, and it’s safe to say that Jennifer Lawrence is the new Kristen Stewart. As far as the fellas go, Josh Hutcherson is the new Taylor Lautner and Liam Hemsworth is the new Robert Pattinson.

VIA: Daily News