David Beckham On Fashion: ‘What Were We Thinking?’ [PHOTOS]

March 21, 2012 8:21 am

David Beckham and wife of 13 years, Victoria Beckham have done it all together. These two are the true definition of the saying, “what’s mine is yours,” and their fashion expresses it! From matching blazers to head-to-toe leather jumpsuits, the footballer recollects his past fashion don’ts!

According to DailyMail, Mr. Beckham told H&M all about his and Victoria’s fashion past. He stated the couple once wore matching black leather outfits to a Versace ensemble party back in 1999. “What were we thinking?” he said. “We laugh about that one.” David also admitted him and his former Spice Girl wife showcased many outrageous outfits that were trendy at the time. “I have no regrets, though. I knew at the time it was good!”

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The 36 year-old soccer star was quite the adventurous dresser during his days and having an aspiring fashion-designer as a wife puts a lot of pressure on David to keep his fashion sense in line. Who better to inspire you than your right hand woman? “I was [once] a pageboy and had a choice between wearing some boring old suit or a pair of knickerbockers with ballerina tights and slippers,” he told H&M. “So I went with the tights. It’s not that I always wanted to be different, but I knew what I liked.”

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The Beckhams have no choice but to look back and laugh at their leather and all-black-everything days. What do you think of their fashion sense today? 10 years ago? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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VIA: DailyMail


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