Watch Teens Hilariously React To ‘The Hunger Games’ Trailer [VIDEO]

March 22, 2012 10:10 am

We are hours away before “The Hunger Games” takes over our weekend plans, and it looks like we’re not the only ones excited for the games to begin. The Fine Bros. have a YouTube series called Teens React where kids give their first reactions to various aspects of pop culture. This time around, they taped kids’ honest opinions about the official “Hunger Games” trailer.

The teens were asked who their favorite character was, and Katniss was the obvious favorite of the crowd and the teens described her as feminist, powerful, and even compared to Bella from Twilight, who “didn’t do anything except love someone.” They were even asked if The Hunger Games reminded them of anything else in particular. Their replies? Communism, “Gladiator” and “Robin Hood.” 

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The funniest part of this kind of video is definitely the reaction from certain teens. One girl in particular was just thrilled to finally be reading something. “I love when I actually read books! And, like, I’m actually reading that book! I’m actually reading.”

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Ryan Seacrest loved the video so much (Teens React and the related series Kids React has quite a fan base on YouTube) that he talked about it On Air. He recorded some of his staff members listening to the clip and got their reactions to the teens’ reactions. Take a listen below to hear the hilarity that ensued.


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