GG Reveals Years Of Anger Therapy On Sunday’s ‘Shahs of Sunset’ [VIDEOS]

March 23, 2012 4:23 pm

This Sunday “Shahs of Sunset” will shock you again.

Despite her expensive clothes and flawless face, “Shahs of Sunset” star GG is fighting a private battle with anger management. During last Sunday’s episode when the group was in Vegas, the gorgeous reality cast member yelled at Reza Farahan’s friend Anita, and this week’s aftermath reveals that GG may still be struggling and falling deeper into her anger instead of rising above it.

Shahs of Sunset’ Anita and GG Face Off In Vegas [VIDEO]

While defending herself from Reza’s and MJ’s accusations, GG breaks down and says she can’t be treated like other people because she has been battling with her anger her whole life. GG confesses, “I have this pain inside of me, so when I’m attacked I feel that I need to physically hurt people… I demolish things and I don’t care. I’ve been in therapy mostly because of my anger. I have a history of… handling things in a violent manner.”

Later, GG does not react well to Reza’s attempts to communicate his frustrations and negotiate a truce between the two warring parties. The discussion quickly escalates into a meltdown. GG struggles to regain control and resorts to clutching a metal spatula. (We’re a bit nervous when we remember this girl sleeps with a knife next to her…) She talks more about her anger management in this interview with

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Meanwhile, cast member Asa Soltan Rahmati is trying to calm herself and avoid the drama. She creates what she calls diamond water, which is ocean water, flowers and crushed up diamonds. Apparently, the concoction helps her get connected with the “intergalactic Persian princess” within, perhaps because it’s such a costly mixture.

Mike Shouhed is also trying to stay out of the GG debacle, so he turns to the person he trusts most of all: his mother. He’s annoyed that his friends don’t understand the close relationship he has with her, which consists of daily phone calls and going out to dinner together. You can check out photos online of Mike and his parents when he was just a little boy. So cute!

To find out if GG loses it on Anita or if she manages to make things right with Anita, tune in and watch “Shahs of Sunset” this Sunday at 10/9 C only on Bravo. 


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