Nicole Richie Admits ‘My Mirror Face Is Out Of Control’ [AUDIO]

March 27, 2012 7:15 am

Nicole Richie called in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” on Tuesday to talk about “Fashion Star,” what she does in her quiet time, and why her ‘mirror face is out of control.’

On Her Mirror Face:
“I’m actually more obsessed with the ‘mirror face.’ I am the worst person about that. My ‘mirror face’ is out of control. It is crazy,” she says. “The pout, the lips, the cheeks. I’m always amazed. I’ll be the first one to make fun of myself…like what is that face?”

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On Her Early Morning Quiet Time:
“I don’t do anything productive. I go downstairs, the sun’s just coming up…I get coffee, I’m not working, I’m not really doing anything. I’m just relaxing and just having that time to myself. I firmly believe that, that helps me be a better mother and a better person at work.”

On The “Fashion Star” Fashion Shows:
“Those shows are so big, the dancers, the pyro, I mean these are huge, huge shows. We’ve got some fun musical guests coming on the show, it’s like watching a full concert. Fun.” Nicole tells us.

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On Critiquing “Fashion Star” Designers:
“You know when you’re getting ready to go out to dinner and you want your best friend there in the room getting ready with you…So that they can tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly, before you actually step out and walk into the world,” she says. “You want someone to tell you truth, just as your friend. And they’re not always going to tell you the nicest things, but you take it as a joke because it’s funny and they’re your friends and you’re not really going to take it to heart.”

“Fashion Star” is on Tuesday nights at 10/9c on NBC. Listen to the full interview below to hear Nicole and Ellen K. chat about the perks of having a gay best friend! [skip to 2:38]

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