7-Time Lottery Winner Richard Lustig’s 5 Tips To Win

March 29, 2012 11:27 pm

With the Mega Millions lottery hitting $540 million, it may very well be the largest paycheck ever for a very lucky individual. But before you start dreaming about the luxuries of high society, let us do the honor of bringing you back to reality by saying there is a very high chance that you will lose money if you don’t think strategically.

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Who better to turn to for the greatest advice ever than seven-time lottery winner Richard Lustig. The man claims to know what he’s doing and he’s willing to share his secrets! He’s said to have “cracked the code” and by following these five tips you will increase your chances of winning:

1.) Don’t spend more than you can afford!

2.) Play in lottery pools—it increases your chances of winning.

3.) There are no such things as “lucky locations” to buy your ticket.

4.) If you win, secure your financial future first. THEN go out and buy novelty items.

5.) Buy 10 of the same scratch off tickets in a row and don’t throw away losing tickets. They can be mailed in for second chance drawing.

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See his last tip in action in the video below. You can go back to dreaming now. Best of luck!

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