One Direction & The Wanted Take Over Billboard Magazine [PHOTOS]

March 29, 2012 8:07 am

Not since Justin Timberlake had bleach blonde hair have people been so psyched about groups of singing and dancing guys, but now boy bands are back! Producer Simon Cowell told Billboard Magazine that: “I’ve done this long enough that everything in music and entertainment is cyclical,” although he definitely helped bring it about by signing One Direction after their appearance on “The X-Factor.

One Direction Break Billboard Chart Records

Billboard is honoring the revolution by giving British boy bands The Wanted and One Direction their own covers this week. That’s right: not one cover, but two! You might originally mistake this music magazine for an issue of Tiger Beat because it’s been designed as a clever copycat.

The Wanted’s Next Single Will Be “Chasing The Sun”

Billboard was nice enough to label each guy’s mug on the cover so you can get started memorizing their names, because these talented teens aren’t going anywhere soon. Their mega-hits are going to continue to worm their way into your head until you find yourself wearing a 1D t-shirt and waking up at 6 AM to buy The Wanted’s debut U.S. album (out April 24th if you want to add it to your calendar). This issue of Billboard is already on stands, but you can take a sneak peek below before rushing out to grab it.

The Wanted on Billboard Magazine

Billboard Magazine

One Direction on Billboard Magazine

Billboard Magazine



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