Sofia Vergara Helps Kick Off ‘Food For Thought’ In Los Angeles With LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy [AUDIO]

March 29, 2012 10:00 am

When Ryan Seacrest produced the Emmy-award winning “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” he learned a lot about the obesity problem in America and how important it is for people to live healthier by cooking nutritious meals and exercising. It also showed how it is particularly important to provide our school districts with healthier food options to help tackle the problem of child obesity.

Los Angeles Unified School District superintendent John Deasy called in to “On Air With Ryan Seacrest” to discuss LA’s own local food revolution called “Food For Thought” and what this will provide for thousands of students in Los Angeles.

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Both Sophia Vergara and Megan Churnin will be on hand today to help kick off LAUSD’s partnership with the Los Angeles Fund for Public Education for “Food For Thought” which aims to help kids start off the day with a healthy meal.”We’re going to start with over 230 schools in LAUSD for breakfast every single day. As you know more than 550,000 of our youth live in circumstances of poverty and usually their only meal is with us. And this is going to ensure at least two meals every day so that students start off with healthy food for breakfast. This will fuel the mind and the body for a good day of great work.”

On what the students will encounter in terms of receiving their meals:
“They’ll get it automatically. We just come to school and we will start everyday by having highly nutritious and good breakfast for every student in school. Then the school days remain just the same, including lunch. Parents don’t actually have to do one thing except what they do everyday which is support us by having students come to school on time and be present.”

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On how to get involved with “Food For Thought”:
“For folks out there who are listening who are as excited about doing this work and thinking about how to support this, you can get more information at the LA Fund’s website which is


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