Watch Kat Graham’s Wild Music Video for ‘Put Your Graffiti On Me’ [VIDEO]

March 29, 2012 7:45 am

She may have done some simple cheerleading moves on her hit show “The Vampire Diaries,” but Kat Graham has been hiding her REAL dance skills! She finally shows them off, along with her vocal talent in the new video for “Put Your Graffiti On Me.”

Kat sings: “I take advantage of you / You take advantage of me / Put your graffiti on me.” The song has a sweet beat in the back that would play well in any city hotspot or even in the car on the way to the club, although the urge to dance might be dangerous for the driver.

Kat Graham Performs Upcoming Single ‘Put Your Graffiti On Me’ Live [VIDEO]

Kat’s voice powers the song, but what really makes it memorable is the high-speed beat that will have you tapping your feet long after the video ends. The triple threat also shows off her body in some memorable threads like a leopard print cat suit.

All in all, Kat Graham seems poised to be the next Ciara. Are you a fan?


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