Watch David Guetta Fuel The Party In ‘Alphabeat’ [VIDEO]

April 2, 2012 9:05 am

David Guetta brings the party in his latest hit “Alphabeat,” and his music video features the party of the century.  The futuristic music video starts with Guetta pulling up to the “Party Station,” a fictional club, in a modern electric car. He then goes to the roof, hops in the DJ booth and the crowd goes wild!

“Alphabeat”  is different from Guetta’s recent music. This song does not feature any popular artist such as Nicki Minaj or Usher. This hit brings Guetta back to his house music roots.

David Guetta also sat down with Vevo News to discuss his music.

On The Lure Of Club Music:
“I think there is more freedom in nightlife, you know? There is something really special. There is a combination of so many different people. You have some people who travel in first class and some people who travel in coach, they’re never going to meet. Whereas in the club you don’t know who’s who, everyone is there for a good time. It doesn’t matter, people are just here to share a moment, there’s more freedom and more of a possibility to meet so many different people in the club. That’s what took me there when I was a teenager.”

On The Origins of Dance Music:
“Dance music started by being against every musical rule. First I was making beats, then more remixes, then I started to make songs. I still have that idea in me, to go against the rules and I love it.”


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