Ryan Seacrest Reveals Upcoming Olympic Gig on ‘Today Show’ [VIDEO]

April 4, 2012 7:39 am

NBC’s award-winning Olympics coverage will add a very familiar face in London this Summer (ok ok, it’s our boss!)

This morning, Ryan sat down with Matt Lauer on the “Today Show” to announce that he is joining the NBC family and will cover the 2012 Olympic games with the primetime team.

“I’ve worked with the E! network for years and NBC Universal and E! are in the same family,” explained Ryan, a six year veteran of E!. “The plan is for me to join the NBC family and continue to have role on the E! network. The first assignment will for me will be with the primetime team at the Olympics on NBC.”

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The pair also joked about the long standing rumors of Ryan replacing Lauer on the “Today Show.” Looking to stir the pot, Lauer asked, “Do you see yourself doing a job like this?”

“I see you doing this as long as you want to,” Ryan retorted. He continued, “So maybe the question is… how long will you be on the Today Show?”

Laughing off the question, Lauer shifted to a more serious tone saying, “I think you’d be great at this job.” Lauer’s contract with NBC expires this year and it’s unknown if he’ll stay with the show.

He added, “Ryan and I are friendly. We have talked about this, we have joked about this. There is no tension here.” Ryan confirmed the sentiment adding that the two went to dinner shortly after the rumors started.

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Switching subjects to “American Idol,” Lauer asked about Ryan’s future on the show in light of his contract expiring with the close of this season.

“I plan to stay there,” said Ryan of the show he’s hosted since its incarnation. “I think I’ll have an official announcement very very soon.”

Watch all three segments below (Lauer’s interview is the third) and check back to RyanSeacrest.com in the coming weeks for more news on NBC’s Olympics coverage from Ryan and the team!


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