Watch Jennifer Lopez Get Glitter-Bombed for ‘Dance Again’ [VIDEO]

April 5, 2012 11:34 am

Jennifer Lopez unveiled her new music video for “Dance Again” on American Idol,” and it did not disappoint! We see JLo immersed in gold glitter, followed with some racy fun with her boyfriend Casper Smart. A woman’s hands grasping a man’s white suit are also seen–which is Pitbull, who is featured on the track.

Jennifer Lopez Talks ‘Dance Again’ & Her Upcoming ‘Greatest Hits’ Album [AUDIO]

This is Jennifer’s second time teaming up with Pitbull and producer RedOne since “On the Floor.”

“I love being able to collaborate with the producer RedOne again, and working with Pitbull again. We had a great chemistry the last time, and it was like ‘We’re going to have to do something again.’ And this was the perfect song. I love the message of the song. That when something bad happens, your life is not over. You have to get up. You’re gonna live. You’re gonna to be okay. You’re gonna dance again,” she said.

Watch the full music video below!


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