Nicki Minaj Talks ‘Starships’ Music Video & Collaborating With Chris Brown [AUDIO]

April 5, 2012 8:55 am

Nicki Minaj called in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” to talk about upcoming “Starships” music video, collaborating with Chris Brown on “Right By My Side,” and headlining this year’s highly anticipated annual festival concert event Wango Tango.

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On “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded” Being #1 In iTunes:
“It’s really overwhelming. This is my second album, and a lot of people didn’t even think that I was going to put out even a first album! So to be here feels crazy!”

On Upcoming “Starships” Music Video:
“We still haven’t put the video out! I’m going to kill Anthony Mandler! I’m trying to get the video out in like a couple more days or else Anthony Mandler will be missing. I love the song and I can’t wait. I think the video is going to come out in — I’m hoping and praying — within the next 5 days.”

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On Collaborating With Chris Brown For “Right By My Side”:
“Toward the end of the album I wanted something more melodic that I could give to urban radio and that pop radio could enjoy as well. I actually had the beats for like 3 months just sitting in my computer and then I said, ‘You know what? This sounds like a summer, R&B classic joint’ and I just could not hear anyone else on it but Chris Brown. So I reached out to Ester Dean and I said, ‘Could you write something for Chris Brown?’ Because she’s amazing with writing and especially for his voice.”

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What Type Of Man Is Nicki Interested In:
“It’s the craziest thing, I can’t say a type. I know I like guys who are intelligent. I know I like guys who make me laugh. I have to be attracted to them obviously. But I can’t say like a type. What is a type? Do people say stuff like ‘I like the macho type.’ I like tall but I’ve also had short boyfriends too, so I don’t know.”

On Being Named “Most Influential Female Rapper” By The New York Times:
“Being from New York I’ve had such a high regard for the New York Times for my whole life…so for them to call me “The Most Influential Female Rapper Of All Time” is incredible. I could never have foreseen all of this stuff happening. I thought that I’d be able to put out music, but never being called all these types of things so early on in my career.”

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On Being Inspired By Marilyn Monroe:
“I don’t know why but I just feel this connection. There was no race barrier, no age barrier, no nothing.” She continued, “That’s how I feel about Marilyn Monroe and Anna Wintour and all these powerful women. And it’s amazing because Marilyn Monroe is dead but I’ve always felt like there’s something inside her eyes in those pictures that even though she’s amazing and beautiful that there’s this pain there that, you know, people don’t often talk about but it’s clearly there and it’s like that with a lot of powerful women.”

Nicki will be headlining Wango Tango on Saturday, May 12th at the Home Depot Center in Carson and will be joined by Pitbull, Maroon 5, B.o.B., J Cole, Gym Class Heroes, Foster the People, Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa, The Wanted, K’NAAN, Chiddy Bang, Wallpaper, Diggy Simmons, and Carly Rae Jespen with a special introduction by Justin Bieber.




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