Last Minute Cute And Easy DIY Easter Projects To Brighten Your Holiday [PHOTOS]

April 8, 2012 1:30 pm

Easter is something different for everybody—a day in church, a family dinner, a box of candy shipped to your dorm from Mom and Dad, and the list can go on and on. Regardless of what Easter means to you, it usually brings a brightness to everybody’s life—both spiritually and physically—and most importantly, really rings in the spring! It’s fun to get creative with your decorations and whip up an Easter themed batch of treats for the occasion.

We’ve taken the hard work out of finding the best ideas for your weekend celebration. From egg people that will delight your baby cousins to a classy garland to spruce up your studio apartment, checkout these ideas from across the web, and go ahead and pin the photos to your Pinterest too.

Envelope Bunnies

Envelope Bunny Craft Idea

This easy craft is a good way to keep smaller kids busy at a family gathering. If they can bear to part with a few treats, they could even fill them with candy and give them out. These adorable bunny envelopes are also perfect for high school or college students looking to spread the Easter cheer to some friends. Learn how to make them at

Egg People

Egg People For Easter


These may take some planning and a careful hand, but they’re worth it! Dress up your dinner table or give a delicate gift with a cute egg person. Get creative by drawing goofy smiles or even your friends’ faces on these egg people from

Pretty In Paint Garland

Easter Egg Paint Decorations

This is a genius idea that is super cheap and chic! Go to your local paint or hardware store and collect some of the paint sample cards. Cut them into egg shapes, poke a few holes and string them up for a gorgeous and simplistic Easter decoration that you won’t feel guilty about leaving up year-round. Yet another great idea from the people of Pinterest.

Bunny Cupcakes

This is a great idea from a baker at Pinterest on how to turn vanilla cupcakes into tasty bunny treats with a few carefully placed candies. Go all out and dye the frosting with food coloring to make an even brighter statement with your dessert.

Melted Crayon Easter Eggs

Crayon Egg

Dyeing Easter eggs is the easiest way to make a mess and ruin your favorite shirt. Whether you’re with kids or just exercising your adult creativity, try using crayons to pretty up your Easter eggs. The beauty is that you just draw on the eggs while they’re still hot and the crayon wax will melt on. Once they cool, you’ve got gorgeous hand-drawn designs and a stain-free shirt thanks to


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