SNEAK PEEK: Reza Tearfully Confronts His Father On ‘Shahs of Sunset’ [VIDEO]

April 8, 2012 1:12 pm

Shahs of Sunset” fan favorite Reza has a rough night on tonight’s episode when he finally confronts his father about their broken family. Reza accuses his father of “checking out” and being a bad example, because the openly gay Persian has treated past boyfriends in the same way his father treated his mother.

“Do you know how much I hate her?” Reza asks his father, referring to his grandmother. It seems that the entire family was ripped in half because grandma is a Jew and Reza’s mother is a Muslim. The anger that Reza feels towards his dad roots from his allowing the grandmother to tear their family apart.

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“It is still your responsibility to make sure that your children are okay, as long as I am alive and you are still alive,” Reza cries. Take a look at the heart-wrenching conversation below.

Confrontation may be difficult for Reza, but it’s much easier for GG who continues to yell at someone every single week. This Sunday, it’s a stranger at a dinner party who calls GG out for being “a mean girl.” MJ and Asa try to throw water on the flames and keep the girls apart while they fling insults at each other. GG comments on how hard the other girl has to work just to make a living and the stranger keeps insisting that the “Shahs” cast member is “not a very nice woman.”

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Did GG deserve to be called out? Or did the other girl knowingly set off a ticking time bomb? Watch GG struggle to keep it together despite her urge to throw something. Watch the full episode to get all the dirt, this Sunday at 10/9C only on Bravo.

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