‘SNL’ Pulls No Punches In Hilarious Parody of Andy Cohen & ‘Shahs of Sunset’ [VIDEO]

April 9, 2012 1:31 pm

Saturday Night Live” dedicated part of this week’s episode to taking Andy Cohen to task. The Bravo boss and “Watch What Happens Live” host was parodied by Taran Killam in a skit that also starred host Sofia Vergara and SNL regular Nasim Pedrad as GG and MJ Shahs of Sunset.” Taran squirmed around in his chair “like a shark!” mocking Andy’s tendency to move around a lot during interviews.

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Taran as Andy made fun of the reality host by asking viewers to text in and vote on which picture of him was cuter. Later, after putting floaties on his arms, he asked: “How cute am I? Text “very” to 117755!” Real life Andy Cohen responded to the skit yesterday on Twitter:

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Good to see the TV star can take a joke! Let’s hope the cast of “Shahs” can too, because they also got a few jokes thrown their way. Sofia Vergara as GG said that instead of showing Persians as terrorists, the cast is “proud to portray Persians as human beings who are annoying and terrible.” Uh oh! Let’s hope the real GG can control her anger problems after watching the skit.


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