31-Year-Old Man Lives As An Adult Baby! [VIDEO]

April 10, 2012 10:30 am

A recent episode of TLC’sMy Crazy Obsession” featured a 31-year-old man named Stanley who admitted to being obsessed with acting and being treated like a baby!

The YouTube clip showed him sitting happy as can be in an oversized high chair and his meal included the works: baby food and a baby bottle filled with juice to the brim. The only thing that was missing was a diaper! Or wait…maybe it was hidden under the big boy underpants?

29-Year-Old Man Lives Secret Life — As An Adult Baby [VIDEO]

Either way, the sitter wears what looked like attire from the 1970s and proceeds to airplane spoon-feed apple sauce to the big baby. Didn’t Stanley’s mother ever tell him not to play with his food!?

What do you think of this crazy obsession? Roleplay fetish or unhealthy addiction?


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