5 Instagram Features We Can’t Wait To See On Facebook

April 10, 2012 9:54 am

The word is officially out and the popular photo-sharing smartphone application, Instagram, is being bought by Facebook for 1 billion dollars. Users are now asking themselves what this means for Facebook and Instagram, and what this collaboration will bring to both platforms.

Facebook Buys Instagram for $1 Billion, Zuckerberg Aims To Evolve App

Many of the features on Instagram that make the app so popular, Facebook lacks.
Here are 5 Instagram features we hope to see brought to Facebook:

1.) Filters: The best feature of the Instagram app are the different filters you can use to alter the appearance of your photos. Photos that were originally boring can look vintage or flawless depending on the filter you use. Now even our boring facebook photos can seem more interesting.

2.) Cropping and Editing: When uploading a photo to Facebook from your smartphone, cropping and/or editing the photo is not an option. With photo sharing being such an important experience for Facebook users, a editing feature would only benefit the site.

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3.) “Blurring”: Sometimes in a photo there are details that a person may not want all of their friends or followers to see. It could be a name, a face, a phone number…etc. Instagram’s water droplet icon allows you to blur out any part of the photo you choose. Facebook could definitely use this feature to blur out details of last night’s bad decisions we so often see posted.

4.) The Popular Page: Instagram has what’s called a “Popular Page” which shows you all photos that received a high amount of “likes.” This feature would also be great on Facebook to showcase popular photos that are receiving a lot of attention.

5.) Tweeting Photos Straight From Instagram: With Twitter being one of the top social media sites, it’s important to be able to tweet out anything you want with a quick touch of a finger. Instagram allows you to directly tweet out photos straight from the app. Something that Facebook has yet to add.


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