The Wanted’s Max George Clears Up Rumors On His ‘Break Up’ [AUDIO]

April 10, 2012 8:00 am

Max George from UK boy band The Wanted called in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” on Tuesday to talk about the bands growing popularity, their new music video for “Chasing The Sun,” getting “Punk’d,” and his engagement.

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On His Engagement:
The last time we spoke to Max he was engaged. When asked about the marriage today he answered “No, no, no, not anymore.” However, the horror of bad reception and dropped calls started a swarm of rumors. Max addressed them later via Twitter.

On Being “Punk’d”:
Max explained: “Basically we got accused of kidnapping an 11-year-old girl. So, it was pretty terrible. We met her outside at a TV show, she was really cute and sweet and she said hello. Then when we finished the TV show, when we came out her dad came up to us and was like: ‘Have you seen my little girl?’ He was like: ‘She was with you guys.’ And she wasn’t, that was all a bit awkward.”

‘The Wanted’ Get Punk’d While In Los Angeles

He continued, “So, we drove off and about 5 minutes later we got pulled over by the police and they said that there was a complaint against us about a girl going missing and all of a sudden she appeared from the back of the car. It was pretty intense. I was like: ‘This must be a joke.’ But they left it going for nearly 2 hours, then I thought it might not be.”

On The Rivalry Between The Wanted & One Direction:
“I don’t think there is any really. Apart from the jealousy side, I’m quite jealous of their youth,” says the 23-year-old Max.

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On Their New Music Video For “Chasing The Sun”:
“We actually finished it this morning at about 7 o’clock. We started shooting yesterday. I think it is going to be really good. We’re sort of in a bar having a few drinks, in sorts kind of what we just do really,” he says.

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On The Wanted’s Growing Popularity:
The Wanted recently perfromed on “Idol” and Max tells us: “It’s gone pretty crazy since the other night. Even when we are going in the bars around the hotel lots of people are coming up to us and saying: “We love your songs, we saw you on ‘Idol.’ We weren’t really getting that a month ago. It’s really cool, everyone is being really good with us.”

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On The Most Unusual Fan Gift:
“We get all sorts, but I got a bra the other day that was the biggest thing I had ever seen. it was like two breakfast bowls. It was absolutely massive. It was red,” Max tells us. Listen to the full interview to find out which band member is the most flirtatious, the difference between US & UK fans, and how they came up with the name The Wanted. [skip to 6:35]

The Wanted’s EP will be released on April 24th.


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