Listen To Chris Brown’s ‘Til I Die’ Featuring Big Sean & Wiz Khalifa [AUDIO]

April 11, 2012 9:23 am

Chris Brown takes a break from pop, techno and autotune for his latest release “‘Til I Die.” The song is quite a turnaround from his upbeat hits “Turn Up The Music” and “Beautiful People.”

The jam features Brown in complete flow mode in collaboration with producer and co-writer Nathan “Danja” Hills and fellow rappers Wiz Khalifa and Big Sean. The three rappers make numerous references to smoking and intoxication over this slower beat.

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The explicit tune includes Brown: “Sippin’ and I’m faded / Super medicated.” Big Sean: “And this is the life we chose / Working all night swear I’m never going broke / And I’ma do this ’til I die / And I ain’t talking sh*t just cuz I’m high” Wiz Khalifa: “Money flowing, never sober / Smoking ’til I die.”

And…well, you get the idea. What do you think of the jam? Triple threat or not? Lookout for Chris Brown’s album Fortune May 2012.

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