5 Seemingly Chivalrous Moves that Women Hate (and 5 We Love)

April 13, 2012 12:06 pm

Every girl dreams of finding her own Prince Charming who acts nobly and gentlemanly; however, there is such a thing as being too chivalrous.  We’ll fall weak at the knees if you tell us we have a gorgeous smile or hold open the door for us, but it can get to a point when your chivalrous acts start to creep us out.
Here are the 5 moves that make us cringe followed by the 5 that melt our hearts:

Ways to Freak Her Out

1. Asking for a Kiss

The light from the moon hits her cheek just right, your exchange of goodbyes on her porch is ending, and the tension between you two is boiling inside. It could not be more clear what your next move should be, but in complete oblivion you ask, “Um, is it ok if I  kiss you?” Congrats, you just completely murdered the moment. It’s not polite; it’s a mood killer! Spontaneity makes up half of romance. There’s a way you can ask without words. If you could read her body language, the answer to that question should be obvious.

2. Always paying

Paying for every last latte, sushi dinner, movie ticket, cab ride, and ice cream gives off the vibe that you’re trying too hard; you can’t buy love. If we offer to go Dutch on a bill, or at least cover the tip, we actually want to. Though insisting on paying for us shows gentlemanly character, there is a time and a place for everything.

3. Over-complimenting Us

A simple compliment like “you look absolutely beautiful” is so refreshing amidst the sea of “damn girl,” “hey sexy,” and “I’d hit that” that we have to swim through at every bar, club, and busy city street. However, when you tirelessly comment on how beautiful or amazing we are, it’s uncomfortable. If you highlight one thing that stands out about us, it feels more special. Pick either our eyes, smile, dress, cute laugh, etc, not every single one. It’s awkward to keep having to thank you without reciprocating. Plus, we already know we’re fabulous; tell us something we don’t know.

4. Fighting for Us

Alright you’re a man, we get it. We can simply look at your face and see that. You don’t need to give someone a black eye and a fat lip to prove your masculinity to us.  If we’re threatened, it’s important that you should protect us; but, there are ways to do that without a dramatic physical altercation. It’s hard for you to look like grown men when you’re rolling around the floor like two toddlers in a sandbox.

5. Ordering for Us/Feeding Us

What if we have food allergies you don’t know about? That could go downhill real quick. Besides, what are the odds that you’re going to know exactly what we’re craving to eat this particular moment? We’ll let you go ahead and pick the restaurant, but leave the ordering up to us. Under no circumstances may you “airplane” your fettuccine over the table and into our mouths. If we are not wearing diapers, we are also capable of feeding ourselves.

The Ways to Steal Her Heart 

1. Carrying Heavy Bags

You don’t have to carry our purses for us when we’re shopping, but if we have an abundance of shopping bags, a massive suitcase, unwieldy boxes, or multiple grocery bags the extra assistance is much appreciated. You’ve got the muscles, show them off! In the event that you can’t take the heavy load off her hands, at least be sure to open doors for her. This chivalrous move is one that will never get old. Opening doors—any where, any time—be it to a car, restaurant, or your apartment, is an irrefutable must.

2. Dressing Up for a Date

We see you in that worn out, black V-neck and dirty Adidas sneakers every single day. If we’re going out on a date, no matter how long we’ve been together, it would mean so much to see you put some effort in your appearance. A button down and nice shoes can do the world for your look. Taking an extra step while getting ready for dinner shows that we are still special to you and that you still want to impress us. Plus, if you add a nice jacket to your outfit, you can offer it to warm up your woman later in the evening, which is another priceless, chivalrous move to win her heart.

3. Being on Time

Dinner at seven means dinner at seven. Even though we make you wait half of a decade for us while we’re getting ready, your punctuality shows a lot of character. Godforbid you stand us up on a date—unless you’re Liam Hemsworth, you pretty much ruined your shot with us for eternity.    

4. Calling Rather Than Texting

Not only does giving us a ring vesus shooting us a text show confidence, but it also shows that you want to hear our voices. Trust us, we would prefer to hear your voice too. Texting has become a social crutch that lets you get off the hook without sincerely communicating with us, because it allows you the time to concoct a perfectly witty response and the ability to seek second opinions from others before pressing send. If you call us, we get your genuine, immediate response and the reassurance that we’re speaking to you and not your roommate that gave you a funny line to use. Not to mention, typing “LOL” can never replace hearing the sound of your actual laugh when you call.

5. Not Swearing

Speak to us like you’re speaking to your boss. If you say more than four vulgar words in one story, you’re fired. Swearing and using obscene references shows that you don’t respect us. If we wanted to hear the F-word 30 times in 3 minutes, we’d listen to a Lil Wayne song.

Which chivalrous acts do you agree with and which don’t you? Let us know in the comments below and feel free to add any you think we left out!

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