Carrie Underwood Has Serious Bed Head on Billboard Magazine Cover [PHOTO]

April 16, 2012 5:32 pm

After her newest single “Good Girl” has been racing up the country music charts, Carrie Underwood is gracing the cover of Billboard Magazine this month to promote her new album Blown Away which hits stores May 1st. The magazine shows a sultry-looking Underwood with her gorgeous blonde locks blowing around her face.

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Nearly two years since she released her last studio album, Play On, fans are ecstatic to finally hear new music from this five time Grammy Award winner. In her interview with Billboard Carrie discusses how she balances her personal life with her music career and how she continues to please fans with her music style.

On why she rarely sings about love:
“I don’t do love songs. If you look back at all of my albums, there might be one or two. Love is the most complicated of human emotions. Everybody writes about it, and everybody sings about it, and in my opinion, most of the time not very well. If you’re going to put something out that is about the most amazing and complicated of God-given emotions, it better be dang good.”

On her type of music style:
“I never feel like I’ve pigeon-holed myself into a certain kind of song. I’ve taken all of my albums into as many different directions as possible, while still keeping them coherent. This is just a whole new level of that. I really do think there’s something for everyone.”

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On balancing work and her personal life:
“It seems like people have an album out every year and they are on a ‘perma-tour’ is what I call it. They tour permanently, all the time. I think I just made that word up. They live on tour and when they aren’t on tour, they are making an album. To me, if you have no life in between albums, you have nothing to write about. I have to live.”

Carrie Underwood’s issue hits newsstands April 21st, and case you missed it, check out her latest music video for “Good Girl” below.

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