Watch Katy Perry’s Acting Chops In The Extended Video For ‘Thinking Of You’ [VIDEO]

April 17, 2012 6:47 am

Capitol Records just released an extended version of Katy Perry‘s 2009 smash hit “Thinking Of You,” and we’re proud to say she can act! The original video saw Katy mourning the loss of her true love while she was at home with the husband she had eventually married. Like she sings in the lyrics, she was thinking of her old boyfriend while kissing her husband. When she got the news that her ex had been killed while at war, she wiped away tears and dressed for his funeral, possibly leaving her husband forever.

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The new video featured some added scenes and extra shots of Katy. We also see the soldier die at the beginning of the video, not near the end. The most noticeable addition is when the music changes from “Thinking Of You” to swing music while Katy and her man dance.

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Do you think Katy shows off her acting chops in this video? It’s not easy to sing and show emotion, but it seems like even in 2009 she was well on her way to nailing it. Bonus for this extended version? It’s mostly instrumental, so go ahead and do your best Katy impression during the verses!


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