Women’s 7 Secret Indications of A Man’s Date-Ability

April 17, 2012 9:35 am

When women judge guys for dating potential, there are the obvious indicators like intelligence, sense of humor, occupation, and height for instance. What men might not realize is there are seven secret cues we pick up on that reveal more than your IQ and physical stature. Though women typically keep hush-hush about these seven helpful hints, I’m going to give you the inside scoop here:

  What your shoes look like
When you slip on your favorite pair of shoes while getting ready for a date, it’s probably a thoughtless decision—they’re comfortable, easy to put on, and match well enough. It may not occur to you that your shoe choice has a pivotal impact on the impression you give us. Dirty, junky, smelly, torn shoes say you’re lazy, apathetic, and cheap. Extremely expensive, pristine shoes say you try too hard. Crocs, Velcro, and those creepy barefoot running shoes with toes say you’re a weirdo.
  Your smartphone etiquette
Unless you work harder than Ryan Seacrest, and cannot physically function or breathe without life support from your iPhone, there’s no reason for you to text during a dinner date. If I’m in the middle of a story and you check your cell phone, you send the vibe that you are more interested in the person you are texting than you are in me. Also, women notice if you are an “lol-er” or a “haha-er” when you text—the distinction is crucial. Using “lol” when texting is nerdier, lacks enthusiasm, and shows that a guy has less game.
  How much you tip
We’re discreet about it, but when you’re signing the check over dinner, we nonchalantly glance to see if you’re stingy on the waiter’s tip. Giving a good tip is a valid indication of a generous personality. Giving a lousy tip sends the message that you’re cheap and unappreciative of a server’s hard work.
  What your sister looks like
When we judge you for serious boyfriend or husband potential, genetics play a huge role in our assessment. Of course we want to estimate how you will look when you’re older. But we also want to asses how our future offspring will look and act. It’s no mystery that if you have an attractive dad, it’s a plus.  It says that you’ve got some great DNA in your cells that will aid in favorable aging. But, what you may not realize is that if you have a pretty little sister, it’s a double plus. Your pretty, young sister provides us with the invaluable genetic reassurance that our kids (particularly our daughter) would be cute growing up as well. No woman wants her future daughter to have to suffer through the same braced faced, overall wearing, acne ridden tween years that we experienced ourselves.
  What your last name is
Even if we’re casually dating, you can bet that I’ve tried on your last name for size. If it doesn’t fit, you can also bet that I’ve judged how long our relationship is going to last. If I catch myself doodling Mrs. Lumpkin, Mrs. Weiner, Mrs. Skaggs, or Mrs. Knipl, around the edges of my papers, the prospect of any one of these becoming my actual, future last name is extraordinarily slim.
  Which movies you quote
If you ask a guy you’re on a date with what his favorite drink is and he responds, “I love scotch. Scotchy, scotch, scotch. Here it goes down, down into my belly” he has just given you a substantial amount of information about him that has nothing to do with his beverage of preference. Rather, the fact that he referenced “Anchorman” speaks volumes about his character. Quoting comedies versus dramas versus sci-fis versus action films is highly revealing of personality traits and interests.

If you order dessert
If you order dessert on a date, the simple explanation would be that you had a craving for the double fudge brownie ice cream sundae special.  The overly analytical, female explanation is that you’re into us. The reason is easy—if you are having a bad time on a date and can’t stand the girl you’re out with, you will do anything to cut the date short and bail home ASAP. If you order dessert, you clearly don’t mind spending a little extra time with us.

Have any of these points been a deal-breaker in one of your past relationships? Let us know in the comments below, and feel free to add your own secret clues as well.


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