15 Mouth-Watering Male Athletes To Watch At the Olympics

April 18, 2012 3:44 am

Just when you thought Ryan Seacrest‘s hosting of NBC’s primetime broadcast from the Summer 2012 Olympics was motivation enough to tune in, here are 15 additional reasons to watch the games. Below are our top picks of the hottest male athletes to look out for in the games. Abs like these are bound to inspire even more national pride in your country.

15. Teddy Riner – France – Judo
Teddy Riner, AKA Teddy Bear, stands at 6’8” and gives us a whole lot more to love.

14. Aldo Montano – Italy – Fencing
This Italian stallion models for body wash and underwear ads to prove the campaign slogan, “fencing is a sexy sport.”

13. Richard Kruse – Great Britain – Fencing
We wish fencing outfits didn’t require a mask that covers these piercing blue eyes.

12. Roger Federer – Switzerland – Tennis
Though love means “nothing” in tennis, it means everything to Federer’s female fans.

11. Michael Phelps – United States – Swimming
Phelps keeps winning gold medals and the hearts of women all over the world.

10. David Boudia – United States – Diving
David Boudia’s adorable smile makes our stomach do back flips.

9. Troy Dumais – United States – Diving
Troy Dumais dives right into our fantasies with that speedo.

8. Kobe Bryant – United States – Basketball 
Kobe Bryant has 5 championship rings and a 5-star rating for hotness.

7. James Magnussen – Australia – Swimming
We sure wouldn’t mind cuddling “down under” the covers with this mouth-watering Aussie.

6. Andy Roddick – United States – Tennis
With his sultry eyes, a sexy smile and slicing strokes, Andy Roddick sure is a grand slam.

5. Clemente Russo – Italy – Boxing
Clemente Russo’s knockout mug really packs a punch.

4. Ryan Lochte – United States – Swimming
From his twinkling smile to his washboard abs, there is a medley of reasons why Ryan Lochte will be the hottest swimmer in the 2012 Olympics.

 3. David Beckham – Great Britain – Soccer
We may have to give Beckham a red card for being too distractingly good-looking.

2. David Oliver – United States – Track and Field
We would jump over any hurdle to get the attention of David Oliver.

1. Giuseppe Lanzone – United States – Rowing
There’s no doubt about it, Giuseppe Lanzone rocks our boat in the #1 spot as hottest male athlete coming to London this summer.

Let us know if you agree with our choices. If not, tell us who your #1 pick is!


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