Joel McHale Comments On ‘Community’ Drama [AUDIO]

April 18, 2012 8:45 am

Joel McHale called in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” Wednesday morning to talk about the recent controversy surrounding NBC sitcom Community, and what it’s like to portray Ryan Seacrest.

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On “Community” Co-Star vs Creator Drama:
There has been some recent drama on the set of television comedy Community between Joel’s co-star Chevy Chase and creator Dan Harmon. Joel made light of the situation saying, “Chevy left some voicemails for creator Dan Harmon and…I would say it’s impossible for Chevy to leave obscene voicemail because…Chevy doesn’t know how to leave a voicemail. It’s impossible. It’s been good times. I thought it would bring ratings in, but maybe they need to release some more [voicemails].” Is Chevy still on the NBC comedy? “Oh, ya! Well, we still don’t have the fourth season pickup, but we’ll see how that all works out. Maybe if we get picked up Chevy should leave another curse-ridden voicemail!”

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On Playing Ryan Seacrest In “Community”:
“I did get to play you two weeks ago on Community. I did not write that, but believe me I wish that I had.” Joel continues, “I turned into a Seacrest Hulk. I became the best looking person in the world in my mind, and there was a reaction to drugs and spray tan. I was at a bar mitzvah impersonating you with a bunch of celebrity impersonators, and I was doing you…and then it was like a fake Oscars at a bar mitz and I did not win “Most Handsome” and so I went crazy and started beating up 13 year-old-boys. It’s ripped from the headlines!”


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