From Bieber To Beckham Enjoy 10 The Most Iconic Celebrity Hairstyles [PHOTOS]

April 19, 2012 1:05 am

While Rihanna, Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj play around with crazy hairstyles most of us will never have the guts (or the skin complexion) to pull off, most celebrities make do with more plain do’s. Without dying their hair purple or shaving half their head, these ten superstars have managed to start revolutions with their iconic styling.

1. David Beckham


The soccer player’s hair has been super-blonde and quite long before, but he settled at this suave, hip style. On most guys it would just look like Jimmy Neutron, but David makes it work.

2. Victoria Beckham


Not to be outdone by her hubby, the former Spice Girl went through multiple styles before chopping her locks at an angle that suited her face and attitude perfectly. Many tried to emulate this sharp bob, but few succeeded!

3. Robert Pattinson


Maybe he was just sick of sitting in makeup for so many hours being powered to look pale, but RPatz officially stopped using a brush at all outside of the set. The result? A messy, devil-may-care non-style that somehow fit him perfectly.

4. Halle Berry


This stunning movie star made a bold move when she cut off her hair and flaunted a pixie style. Not only does it show off her gorgeous bone structure but it made her seem even more beautiful and unreachable than before. Men can’t have her, and women can’t pull off her fierce look!

5. Justin Bieber


No surprise here — Biebs’ classic bowl cut is part of what helped him rise to fame in the first place (that, and his insane talent.) Even though he’s since lost the style for a more mature look, we’ll always remember the forehead shield that launched his career.

6. Jennifer Aniston


It was officially named after her character on “Friends,” but the haircut that thousands of girls wanted in the ’90’s was actually Jennifer’s. The choppy style became a huge sensation — rather than bring in a photo of what cut you wanted, you only needed to ask for “The Rachel.”

7. Elvis Presley


Gotta love a classic look, and Elvis had one of the first, and best, iconic hairstyles. Even though most guys don’t try it out these days, all it takes is a glob of hair gel, a comb, and a white tuxedo and you’ve got the beginnings of an epic Halloween costume.

8. Gwyneth Paltrow


The forever laid-back and beautiful Gwyneth has always had an equally relaxed hairstyle. Blonde and straight with a center part has been her look for over a decade now, taking her from her “Shakespeare In Love” days up to her recent performances on “Glee.”

9. Hanson


Weirdly similar to Gwyneth’s hair, the three Hanson brothers had blonde hair and wore it long (and sometimes curly or in a ponytail!) Guys nor girls were rushing to copy the musicians but the look was definitely memorable. Even in 2012 you can still refer to somebody as having “Hanson hair!”

10. Kim Kardashian


Kim’s mane of black, wavy locks has led more than a few girls to get poor dye jobs and expensive extension kits. Imposters aside, this is an iconic 21st century style that Kim continues to work every day on the red carpet and in front of the camera.


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