Melissa Rycroft’s Husband Tye Says She’s Funniest When She’s Mad! [VIDEO]

April 19, 2012 12:50 am

“I know that it’s probably not supposed to be funny, but when she’s frustrated she is so funny, because she says the funniest things, she overreacts to everything, she’s a total drama queen, and I just have to laugh at it!”

Ah, true love at its best! Tye Strickland loves his wife Melissa Rycroft most when she’s upset and frustrated, which, as we see in this clip from the premiere, happens a lot.

Tye Shares The Dirty Details Of Melissa’s Most Embarrassing Moment [VIDEO]

The couple gets into some interesting discussions that prompt hilarious exchanges, including one where Melissa refuses to use a gun and instead insists that she’ll sooner buy a crossbow. “A crossbow?” asks Tye, caught between a laugh and a frown. They also share a disgusting moment when they discover pepperoni in their refridgerator that has turned white over time. Gross!

First Look & Behind The Scenes Of Upcoming CMT Series ‘Melissa & Tye’ [VIDEO]

Peeing, guns, rotting meat… the life of Melissa and Tye might not be clean or pretty, but it seems hilarious. Watch the season premiere of “Melissa & Tye” this Friday, April 20th at 9:30/8:30c only on CMT.


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