What To Expect At The 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremonies

April 20, 2012 1:10 am

We are officially 98 days away from the  2012 Olympic Games, and On July 27th, all eyes will be on London for the opening ceremony, but what will that entail? Funny you should ask…

Announcements & Greeting
The day will begin with the Head of State of Host Country being announced at the entrance of the Olympic Stadium by the International Olympic Committee’s President and Chair of Organising Committee. The Queen will also be greeted by Jacques Rogge and Sebastian Coe.

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Parade of Athletes
Also there will be a parade of athletes to look forward to as they enter in alphabetical order and by language of the Host Country. The Greek team will enter first, while the Host Country will march last.

Opening Speech
Following what is sure to be spectacle Sebastian Coe, the chair of London Organising Committee, will give a speech once all nations arrive to the Stadium. After, Jacques Rogge, president of the IOC will introduce the Head of State declaring the start. The Olympic Flag will then be carried into the Stadium as the Olympic Anthem plays.

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The Olympic Oath
Participating athletes, judges and coach from the Host Nation stand and is a vow to compete and judge according to the rules of the sport.

The Finale & Lighting The Olympic Flame
The big finale will feature the Olympic Flame into the stadium. It is passed down the athletes to the final Torchbearer who is in charge of lighting the Olypmic Cauldron. This will declare the beginning of the Olympics. The flame will burn on for until the end of the Games.

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