Khloè and Lamar Struggle With Jamie’s Selfish Behavior [VIDEO]

April 22, 2012 2:10 pm

After being traded to the Dallas Mavericks and moving halfway across the country, Lamar Odom deserves a break. Wife Khloè Kardashian has been trying to go easy on him and the two of them have worked through their own issues with the big change. But there’s one person who couldn’t care less about Lamar’s rough year, and that’s his “friend” Jamie.

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“I feel like I got traded too,” says Jamie. “But I’m still here. It’s kinda weird… I don’t get the VIP treatment anymore. I got stuck to the back of the line now,” he complains. “I need way more love than you’re giving me right now,” he continued as Lamar hugged him — likely in an attempt to make Jamie shut up!

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Lamar says this isn’t that unusual for his long-time friend. “He’s in Jamie mode right now, so he’s definitely not feeling what I’m going through.” Never being a Jaime’s biggest fan, Khloè overheard the whole thing, leaving us thinking  he’ll probably get an earful later. Here’s hoping!



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