Rihanna Reveals Her Choreography For ‘Where Have You Been’ [VIDEO]

April 23, 2012 2:32 pm

Even Barbadian princesses have to eat lunch. So even though she can’t always afford to take a break from dance rehearsal, Rihanna munched on fries while learning the steps for her upcoming music video for “Where Have You Been.” Thanks to a fun behind-the-scenes clip, you can take a sneak peek of Rihanna’s lifestyle and awesome workout wardrobe.

Wearing daring patterns and a cute army green hat, Rihanna stands out even amidst her talented backup dancers. “I was never going to do this video if I couldn’t do the choreography,” she insists. The singer has shown her dance talent in past videos, but this time around she says: “it’s all performance. It’s all about evoking emotion through your body.”

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RiRi is often too busy to dedicate two days to choreography, but she really gets into the moves this time, leading the pack of dancers in a fast-moving routine while the song pounds in the background.

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Between the cool clothes, funny choreographer Hi-Hat, and all the guys with their shirts off, we wouldn’t mind sitting in on Rihanna’s next rehearsal. Take a look at the video below and get excited for Part 2 of the making-of video.



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