Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa Helps Raise Awareness For National Denim Day [AUDIO]

April 24, 2012 7:22 am

On April 25th people everywhere will wear jeans for National Denim Day to show their support for victims of sexual assault. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa called in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” on Tuesday to show his support for this important cause and to help raise awareness.

On Denim Day:
“This is an opportunity to make a statement by wearing jeans. It’s a visible demonstration of protest against misconceptions and sexual assault. I think it started back when there was the judge in Italy who ruled that a woman who was wearing tight jeans invited the sexual assault against her and now women all over Los Angeles and the world, and men by the way, wear jeans to say that is just unacceptable, that kind of thinking.”

Can People Wear Colored Jeans For Denim Day?
“We’d like blue jeans, but on other days pink and black and gray and lavender, they’re all great, but for this day we are going for blue,” the Mayor says.

What Kind of Jeans Will The Mayor Be Wearing?
Mayor Villaraigosa tells us: “They’re inexpensive jeans. I’m a public servant, you know when I’m out of office I’ll be able to buy some [inaudible] jeans. Right now, I get el cheapo.”

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month: Learn more about how you can get involved at

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