15 Incredible Photographs Of Everyday Objects Exploding In Slow Motion [PHOTOS]

April 25, 2012 4:47 pm

Alan Sailer took to his garage with a camera, some pellets and the most random objects you can think of. The result? Stunning artistic images of eggs, candles, christmas ornaments and toys being blown apart.

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The photos are taken with a special high-speed flash that Alan built years ago specifically for this project. One fascinating image is the children’s teapot he found at a yard sale — the face stays behind even while the rest explodes. This innovative artist also filled a Christmas bulb with Jello, froze a strawberry and placed one object in the mouth of a fake (yes, it’s fake) alligator to create even more visually stunning pictures.

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Which is your favorite? And remember, unless you’ve got a homemade high-speed camera and a plexiglass panel to stand behind, don’t try this at home!

Chocolate Bunny (Alan Sailer)

Child's Tea Pot

Crayons around a firecracker

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VIA Alan’s Flickr


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