John Cusack Reveals The Hardest Part About Playing Edgar Allan Poe In ‘The Raven’ [AUDIO]

April 26, 2012 12:05 am

This weekend John Cusack’s new movie “The Raven” hits theaters. He reportedly dropped 25 lbs to play 19th century poet Edgar Allan Poe, which is not easy, especially when you are already slim. But what was the most difficult part of playing the brooding writer?

The Raven’ Breathes Life Into Edgar Allan Poe’s Greatest Thrills

“Poe’s got a relentless mind and once you get into it it’s pretty relentless. You can’t let your guard down, you have to go all the way. So, you know that going in that if you do Poe, you got to go Goth or go home and you got to go all the way. So, this was a good challenge,” he tells us. You can see John playing the role of Poe when “The Raven” opens in theaters Friday, April 27th.

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