Bobby Brown Sets The Record Straight With Matt Lauer About Whitney Houston [AUDIO]

May 1, 2012 9:00 am

Matt Lauer called in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” on Tuesday to talk about an upcoming interview with Bobby Brown regarding the death of ex-wife Whitney Houston and their relationship, which will in two parts on the “Today Show.”

On The Controversy Of Bobby’s Presence at Whitney’s Funeral
Matt tells us, “He [Bobby] goes in to the funeral, the rumor was that Whitney’s family didn’t want him at the funeral, of course he did show up, and then he left early, there was some controversy there. He talks about that in great detail.”

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On Bobby And Whitney’s Relationship:
Bobby opens up to Matt about his relationship with Whitney. “This was a deep love. They spent a lot of time in private. They hated the public element of their relationship, and he says that people were ever to be flies on the wall in their home they would have a different impression of how they were together,” Matt says.

Bobby’s Children Defend Him:
Everyone knows Bobby is the father to Bobbi Kristina, but he also has four other children and they were present for the second part of the interview to also set the record straight about their father. Matt says: “They feel he’s gotten a bad rap in the press, and gotten a reputation that he doesn’t deserve, they really come to his defense.”

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Bobby Sets The Record Straight:
“Right off the bat he [Bobby] wants to set the record straight. He does not feel that he was the reason that Whitney Houston experienced this kind of downfall in her life and when it came to the drugs, he came right out and said, ‘Look, I got high. I smoked pot before I met Whitney Houston. But I had never done hard drugs. I never did narcotics and that was a part of her life.'” Matt says that he is fascinated to hear what people say.

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On What The Public Thinks Of Bobby Brown:
“I think that immediately when you mention the name Bobby Brown, first of all he’s got a PR problem, people think of him from his bad boy days, they think of him as being a bad influence on the life of Whitney Houston. They talk about their tumultuous relationship.” But Matt tells us: “This is a guy who seems to have straightened himself up to some degree. He’s very well spoken. He’s very thoughtful. He really goes into what was the depth of his relationship with Whitney and I think it’s going to be surprising for people who watch it.”

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Were There Any Intense Moments In The Interview?
Bobby claims that he is not the one responsible for Whitney’s downfall, but Matt asked him, “Would you at least concede that you were not good for her? Maybe you didn’t help her, but you certainly weren’t good for her.” And Matt told us that Bobby really does not own up to this.

Matt’s interview with Bobby Brown will air in two parts on the “Today Show” on Wednesday May 2nd and Thursday May 3rd. Matt also told us that Bobby will be on the show again at the end of May with New Edition, so a 3rd part to the interview may air then as well.

On Matt’s Trip To London:
Matt was actually on his way to London during his interview with Ryan. So, what will Matt be doing in London? “I’m doing an interview tomorrow, that will air a little later in May. Then Thursday I’ll be at Kensington Palace, the home of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and we’re going to preview things. We’re going to preview the Diamond Jubilee coming up, we’re going to preview the Olympics, and we are going to have a pint or two,” Matt says.


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