The ‘Bieber-Off’ — Ryan Seacrest Plays The Top ‘Boyfriend’ Covers [VIDEO]

May 3, 2012 7:46 am

Justin Bieber’s new music video “Boyfriend” was released last week causing Bieber Fever to reach a boiling point. Naturally, we wanted to add some fuel to the fire by sharing our favorite YouTube covers of “Boyfriend” and let you pick the best one!

Justin Bieber Helps Push Ryan’s YouTube Channel Over 100 Million Views [VIDEO]

We’ve carefully selected our Top 20 “Boyfriend” covers and next Friday, May 11 the ten cover songs with the least votes will be eliminated revealing the Top 10. Then on Friday, May 18 the 7 artists with the least votes will be eliminated, and Ryan will reveal our Top 3. The winners will be given  a $1,000 Subway gift card as well as some signed swag from the swaggin’ prince himself, Justin Bieber!

Round 1 Results: VOTE IN ROUND 2

Adam Stanton [Twitter & Facebook]

Alexa Goddard [Twitter & Facebook]

Alex G [Twitter & Facebook]

Andrew Hunt [Twitter & Facebook]

Cimorelli [Twitter & Facebook]

Courtney Randall [Twitter & Facebook]

Dylan Holland [Twitter & Facebook]

Elyar Fox [Twitter & Facebook]

Emma Jayne [Twitter & Facebook]

Gary McDowell [Twitter & Facebook]

Jason Chen [Twitter & Facebook] 

Johnny O [Twitter & Facebook]
Video accessible on YouTube.

J Rice [Twitter Facebook]

Liz Loughrey [Twitter & Facebook]

Matty B [Twitter & Facebook]

Peter Lee Johnson [Twitter & Facebook]

Tiffany Alvord [Twitter & Facebook]

Tyler Ward [Twitter & Facebook]

AJ Rafael & Justin Drew [Twitter & Facebook / Twitter & Facebook]

Andrew Garcia & JR Aquino [Twitter & Facebook / Twitter & Facebook]

Will your favorite cover survive? Be sure to vote and then share on your Twitter and Facebook. Don’t forget to check next Friday to see if your favorite YouTuber survived the first cut to make it into our Top 10!

Thursday, May 3, Ryan announced our YouTube competition, or “Bieber-Off”, during “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” by playing clips from a few talented Youtube artists including: a Jason Mraz inspired Emma Jayne, a nine-year-old crooner named Johnny O, “American Idol” alumnus Andrew Garcia, an a cappella version by Andy Pandy, and Tyler Ward channeling his inner Phillip Phillips! [Listen Ryan's announcement above.]

Wednesday, May 9, Ryan gave an update on the competition by playing clips from our top three competitors so far. First place Cimorelli is made up of six sisters who were discovered on YouTube, and are working on their debut album now. “Cimorelli is very hot. These sisters are very good!” Second place Alexa Goddard is a self described singing, dancing Tom-Boy Barbie that loves pink, and loves trying to make the world smile with her music. Ryan sings along with the international artist says, “She flipped the script a little bit there.” Third place Elyar Fox is a 16 year-old from London who proudly proclaims “Me can play music like.” Ryan says, “It is fun to hear an artists you know do a different arrangement of a song that’s popular.” [Listen to Ryan's update above.]


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