‘Idol’s’ Skylar Laine Wants Tim Tebow To Ask Her on a Date [VIDEO]

May 4, 2012 12:00 am

Very emotional and intense “American Idol” last night. Nearly 60 million votes came in…very close friends Hollie Cavanagh and Skylar Laine were left standing there together, facing elimination side-by-side. There was so much emotion between them, but in the end they said goodbye to Skylar, who was one of the more fearless contestants. She was very young, but incredible comfortable up on stage.

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Ryan tells us that after the show Randy Jackson gave Skylar some advice: “Find good songs. Coming out of the momentum of ‘American Idol,’ find great songs. Whether you, Skylar, write them or you write them with somebody else or somebody else writes them for you. The key to capitalizing on the momentum of ‘Idol’ is great songs.”

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Moments after the show we spoke to Skylar and revealed what happened when she met fellow country starlet Carrie Underwood backstage, why she wants to meet Tim Tebow, and how many pairs of boots she owns. Check out the video below to hear her answers and tune in to FOX next week, only four contestants remain. Who do you think will become the next “American Idol?”

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