Liam Hemsworth Suits Up For ‘Prestige Magazine’ [PHOTOS]

May 7, 2012 4:05 pm

The Hunger Games” star Liam Hemsworth showed his classy and sophisticated side in the May issue of Hong Kong’s “Prestige Magazine.” Dressed in suits by Dolce & Gabbana, Alexander McQueen and Hugo Boss the 22-year-old actor poses seriously in front of brick wall and stares so sultry into the camera we’re all wishing we could switch places with girlfriend Miley Cyrus for a day. In the interview with “Prestige” Liam discusses everything from how he got his start, his job laying floors, to other Australian actors that inspired him to get into the biz.

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On How He Got Started in Acting:
“My brother Luke got into it first. As a kid I always loved movies; I would sit down and watch movies all day long. But it wasn’t like I dreamt of being an actor or anything. It wasn’t until I was about 17 and I watched my brothers do TV shows in Australia that I wanted to pursue it seriously, and I started doing classes outside of school. I got an agent and started auditioning as much as I could. That was in my last year of school.”

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Liam Hemsworh for Prestige Magazine

On Dropping Out of School:
“I left to shoot something for a few weeks and when I returned to school my head just wasn’t there any more. So I left school completely about three-quarters of the way through my last year and I just started laying floors with my eldest brother Luke. I was just auditioning as much as I could and laying floors as well.”

On How Fame Has Changed His Life:
“I haven’t really changed that much. I still do the things that I’ve always done. It’s just that I’m at a different level now in terms of my career. I’m able to meet extremely talented filmmakers and writers and directors – everyone in the business. I’m just in a different position than I’ve ever been in. But, you know, my personal life hasn’t changed. I still go surfing and hang out with friends. I just feel very lucky to be where I am and to be able to make movies.”

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On Heath Ledger:
“Heath Ledger was one I was always a big fan of. He was kind of the closest to my age and was just an incredible actor. And obviously guys like Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman – there are just so many talented Australian actors over here. But I think Heath Ledger was my favorite out of all of those and just simply an inspiration.”

Source: Prestige Magazine


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