Quincy Combs Releases ‘Stay Awhile’ Featuring Kendre [VIDEO]

May 7, 2012 10:31 am

It’s good to be family. Quincy Combs, son of hip-hop artist Diddy, premiered his new music video “Stay Awhile” on BET’s106 and Park.” “Stay Awhile” is the first single off his debut album and when discussing the song to BET he explained, “It’s a young love story, basically telling a girl, the love of your life, to stay a while.”

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The video starts off with Quincy at a house party and a beautiful girl, model Jasmine Sanders, walks in and immediately grabs his attention. He spends the rest of the night flirting with the her and trying to convince her to “stay awhile”. Singer/songwriter Kendre’ is also featured on the track and with the two of their smooth voices, it’d be easy to convince any girl to stay.

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The song is slow and sexy and clearly proves that Diddy’s son, who is now 20-years-old, is on the path to a highly successful career. As of yet his album remains unnamed with no announcement of a release date. Checkout the music video below. What do you think of Quincy Combs’ new single?

VIA: The Global Grind


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