15 Hottest Female Athletes To Watch At the Olympics

May 8, 2012 7:58 am

Last month we introduced the 15 hottest male athletes of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, but soon realized (after losing count of ab muscles) it’s not fair to leave the boys without some eye candy of their own. So we went ahead and ranked the sexiest, most toned, and most flexible female athletes coming to London this Summer. With legs for days and smiles that melt men’s hearts, these 15 women undoubtably create national pride and inspiration to watch the games this Summer.

Chloe Sutton
15.) Chloe Sutton – USA – Swimming
Swimmer Chloe Sutton epitomizes the sun-kissed, So-Cal, blonde bombshell.

Elisa Di Francisca
14.) Elisa Di Francisca – Italy – Fencing
Men can’t wait to make an advance at this feisty fencer.

Alicia Sacramone
13.) Alicia Sacramone – USA – Gymnastics
Guys would do anything to join Alicia Sacramone in warm-ups and floor exercises.

Allyson Felix
12.) Allyson Felix – USA – Track and Field
Allyson Felix wins the race to men’s hearts.

Anna Chicherova
11.) Anna Chicherova – Russia – Track and Field
Anna Chicherova gets men’s blood “Russian” through their veins.

Natalie Coughlin
10.) Natalie Coughlin – USA – Swimming
Natalie Coughlin’s success in the pool won her the World Swimmer of the Year award, while her beautiful face won her the Hottest Swimmer of the Year award.

Lolo Jones
9.) Lolo Jones- USA – Track and Field
Don’t say no no to Lolo.

Nastia Liukin
8.) Nastia Liukin – USA – Gymnastics
Nastia Liukin is no doubt a perfect 10.

Hope Solo
7.) Hope Solo – USA – Soccer
Hope Solo, the gorgeous goalie, sure is a keeper.

Christina Vukicevic
6.) Christina Vukicevic – Norway – Track and Field
Christina Vukicevic set two best records for her country: one in hurdles, one in hotness.

Maria Sharpova
5.) Maria Sharapova – Russia – Tennis
Maria Sharapova is an absolute ace.

Darya Klishina
4.) Darya Klishina – Russia – Track and Field
Darya Klishina’s exotic features and long legs command the track.

Alex Morgan
3.) Alex Morgan – USA – Soccer
It’s every man’s dream to get the chance to score with Alex Morgan.

Leryn Franco
2.) Leryn Franco – Paraguay – Track and Field
Though Leryn Franco is a phenomenal athlete, what’s more impressive is her breath-taking beauty.

Melanie Adams
1.) Melanie Adams – Australia – Track and Field
If Melanie Adams doesn’t take first in the upcoming Olympics or Miss Universe Pageant, at least she is the clean winner on our list for most smoking hot female athlete to look out for in London!

So men, how did we do? Which stunning lady is your top pick?


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