Don’t Fight the Fling: Why You Need A Summer Romance

May 8, 2012 8:48 am

The Easter bunny came and hopped away, April showers rolled right over us, you’ve run out of time to plan an extravagant Mother’s Day, and before you know it, you’ll be singing “summer lovin’… had me a blast.” Ahh, yes! With the countdown to summer in full effect, you can already taste poolside piña coladas and the lips of a steamy islander that you’ll fall helplessly for on your tropical getaway. As cliché as the “summer fling” is conceived to be, there are many of reasons why they work and why you shouldn’t hesitate to embrace one while out of town.

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When you’re laying out on the warm sand of a white sand beach, you’re not concentrated on anything but your tan and the clear, blue ocean stretched out for miles in front of you. For starters, this relaxed and anxiety-free aura is one of the main factors that makes you a prime target for romance. Guys love chill girls. On vacation, your stress-free attitude is noticeable and makes you much more approachable. Your happy, radiant personality glows more than your beautiful, bronze tan. Women feel more confident with a tan, and guys notice it when you raise your hem lines, bare your shoulders, and flaunt your flirty sundresses. In addition to your radiant skin, the extra sleep on vacations does your complexion wonders too. Haven’t you ever heard the phrase “beauty sleep”? Catching a couple extra Z’s in your king-size Marriott hotel bed with an ocean view is like waking up with a free face lift overnight.

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What better way to approach a relaxed, radiant woman on vacation than to ask “where are you from?” It’s genuine and refreshing to hear after all the cheesy pick up lines you’ve heard from the unoriginal losers at the bars in the city. Conversations with the guys you meet on vacation are typically more natural and easy going, because the last thing you both want to talk about on your vacation is your drama back home.

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The bottom line is that you and your potential summer fling have the same motive — to take a break from reality. When you meet a guy at school, work, or at a bar in the city, you may be on completely opposite wavelengths. You may want commitment; he may want freedom. You may want a one-time deal; he may want to date you. However, on your island escape, you want to have fun, and he wants fun. Timing is everything.

So allow yourself to be wild, free, and unreserved. Take the break from reality that you deserve and don’t be scared to share it with that gorgeous and equally tan guy you met paddle-boarding who wants the same exact thing. Embrace the summer fling this year, and it’s guaranteed you’ll fly home with no regrets.


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